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The two parameter '<tt>format</tt>' and '<tt>intent</tt>' are sufficient for most cases.
The '<tt>format</tt>' parameter simply defines the '''PDF/X version''',while the '<tt>intent</tt>' parameter sets the so called '''output intent'''.
Currently the following PDF/X versions are supported:
'''All remaining parameter are kind of special.'''
sets the ICC based default color space profile (option for color management);
this setting is document wide and currently only one profile
per color space is allowed
sets the PDF compress level (values of 0..9 are allowed). Normally no need to change the
default value.
'<tt>option=always|never</tt>' '<tt>always'</tt>: force embedding of the output intent profile (useful only in case of PDF/X-1a) '<tt>never' </tt> : don't embed the output intent profile; no useful practise
name of an external file with predefined color profiles
All profiles in the zip archive are already located in the correct sub path,
so you only have to unpack them right in your ConTeXt directory
(normally '<tt>texmf-context'</tt>).
In case you use these profiles also with other software, it is
E.g. for Adobe Acrobat on Windows Vista this special directory is
<code>'C:\Program Files (X86)\Common Files\Adobe\Color\Profiles\Recommended'</code>
Store the needed profiles there (without any tex directory) and
set $OSCOLORDIR to that path.
All you need now is a final '<tt>luatools --generate' </tt> to update the file database.
In case of problems you should add


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