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It is generally a good idea to 'sign' your suggestion by using four tildes in a row. [[User:Taco|Taco]] ([[User talk:Taco|talk]]) 18:20, 23 September 2021 (CEST)
* A page on the availability of
** And how one can use it to get upto speed on ConTeXt quickly
* Add simple drawings, wherever appropriate, using tools like [ Excalidraw]
** As an example, I have added one here - [ MetaPost_in_ConTeXt]
* Math could be its own first-class item in the left-hand-side menu
* Move all the old or no-longer-relevant content to archive section
* Under the section of [ Programming_in_LuaTeX] some additional details that Lua is embedded inside ConTeXt & telling how to find what lua files are already shipped with distro and how to test simple lua scripts (e.g. using `mtxrun --script mytest.lua`)
[[User:Ramkumarkb|Ramkumarkb]] ([[User talk:Ramkumarkb|talk]]) 15:25, 24 September 2021 (CEST)


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