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LMTX automatic prerrolling
It’s important to note that ConTeXt LMTX expands macros in bookmarks and document metadata fields.
== Explanation ==
This will open the document with the bookmarks for chapters and sections visible (read as: and open up the chapter bookmarks)
If your titles contain TeX commands or braces, you can choose to expand macros in bookmarks(not required in LMTX):
If you want the same document metadata(again, not required in LMTX), you can expand macros here, too:
== Prevent certain characters from appearing in pdf headers ==
To ignore certain TeX commands in {{cmd|setupinteraction}} add them to {{cmd|simplifiedcommands}}. For example, to ignore {{cmd|quad}} in <code>pdfauthor</code>, use the following(again, this is default in LMTX):


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