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<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!-- this file was generated on 2020-08-20T09:05 -->
<cd:commandgroup generated="yes" name="narrower" type="environment" xmlns:cd="">
<cd:shortdesc><!-- a short command summary goes here -->The instances of <tt>\start<i>narrower</i> ... \stop<i>narrower</i></tt> are used for text with a smaller width than the main text..It can be indented on one or both sides.
<cd:description><!-- the long description of the command goes here -->
<cd:examples><!-- command example(s)<cd:example title=""></cd:example>--></cd:examples><cd:notes><!-- this is for special remarks that do not fit elsewhere, like discovered bugs in specific context versions<cd:note author="..." date="..."></cd:note>--></cd:notes>
<!-- one or more of these:
<cd:commandref name="xx"></cd:commandref>
<cd:wikipage page="xx"></cd:wikipage>
<cd:url url="https://xx"></cd:url>
<cd:manual pdf="xx"></cd:manual>
<cd:source file="xx"></cd:source>
<cd:commandref name="definenarrower" originator="system"></cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="setupnarrower" originator="system"></cd:commandref>
<cd:source file="spac-hor.mkiv" originator="system"></cd:source> <cd:wikipage originator="system" page="Category:Whitespace"></cd:wikipage> <cd:wikipage originator="system" page="Keywords:Layout"></cd:wikipage> </cd:seealso>

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