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; PDF Literals : Because XeTeX relies on Apple's APIs to create PDFs, it is unable to take advantage of certain specials and other types of features that use native (literal) PDF commands.
; Occasionally Explodes : Once in a while, XeTeX will fall into an infinite loop. I'm not entirely sure what circumstances trigger it (probably an overfull box), but it can be stopped with <tt>killall xetex</tt> in a terminal window. This has now been traced to a setting in [[texmf.cnf]], where <tt>extra_mem_bot.context</tt> or <tt>extra_mem_bot</tt> is set to a non-zero value. If you encounter the infinite loop, then check your texmf.cfg file(s) to eradicate this value. ('''''fixed in 0.90+''''')
; Hoefler Italic is too fancy : Hoefler Italic has swashes enabled by deaultdefault. This is actually a product of Apple's implementation of the font. If this is unsuitable for you, add the feature: <tt>Smart Swashes=!Line Final Swashes</tt> to the HoeflerItalic font synonym in type-xtx.
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