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It starts, surprisingly enough, with a line saying
Since we need to use some internal parameters, we have to "unprotect" the
contents of the module:
The next step is to set up the module with default parameters:
Our strategy will be to define a variable <tt>\BColor</tt> for the background color which
So we define a macro <tt>\BColor</tt> and define it:
[blue=> \def\BColor{blue},
\v!unknown=> \def\BColor{white},
\v!default=> \def\BColor{red}]
We then use this variable to define the background of our document:
And that's it! We now just have to finish the module with these lines:
A simple test document will look like this:
This is just meant as a first example; of course, there are many more possibilities to use this mechanism. If you want to use the parameters directly in your code, you can use the form <tt>\getmoduleparameter{color}</tt>.
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