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new mechanism for round corners added
== Round corners ==
For a different approach for round corners and colored background follow the text after this example.
It is possible to round the corners of the table if you turn off the main frame of the table and frame the table in [[cmd:framed|\framed]]. Compare two different approaches in the first and second example.
From 2006-10-11 on, ConTeXt contains one more mechanism for round corners. Whatch the example:
<context source="yes">
\setupTABLE [y] [first][background=color,backgroundcolor=blue,frame=off,bottomframe=on,topframe=on,framecolor=white]
\setupTABLE [first][first][backgroundcorner=2,corner=10,frame=on]
\setupTABLE [last] [first][backgroundcorner=4,corner=12,frame=on]
\setupTABLE [row] [each] [background=color,backgroundcolor=blue,frame=on,framecolor=white]
\setupTABLE [first][2] [corner=8]
\setupTABLE [last] [2] [corner=5]
\setupTABLE [first][last] [corner=7]
\setupTABLE [last] [last] [corner=6]
\bTR \bTD one \eTD \bTD two \eTD \bTD three \eTD \eTR
\bTR \bTD first \eTD \bTD second \eTD \bTD third \eTD \eTR
\bTR \bTD alpha \eTD \bTD beta \eTD \bTD gamma \eTD \eTR


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