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== Simple Documents ==
* Letter: german DIN [[letter Letter style]] by Holger Schöner* Building application: French [[bauplan Bauplan style]]
* [[BusinessCard]]
* Research paper: [[MLA style]]
== [[Presentations]] (screen documents) ==
* Presentation: ''fiëé'' [[ConTeXt info style]] by [[User:Hraban|Hraban]] with much help from [ Hans]
* Presentation: [[skdk Skdk style]] by [[User:Hraban|Hraban]]
* Presentation: A sample conference presentation ([ ConTeXt source] and [ PDF output]) by [[User:Brooks|Brooks]]
== Books and Periodicals ==
* Book: [[ubuch Ubuch style]] by [[User:Hraban|Hraban]] (contains deprecated code)* Book: [[uno Uno style]] by [[User:Hraban|Hraban]]* Book: [[theory Theory book style]] by [[User:Thomas|Thomas]]
== Sample macros ==
* Macro for [[chromatogramsChromatograms]]* Macro for [[changesChanges]] (revision history)* Macro for [[chapters Chapters headers]]* Macro for [[chapter Chapter head with absolute positioning of following text]]* Macro for [[section Section head with underlining to width of last line]]
== [[MetaPost]], [[MetaFun]] and alike ==

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