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Add tip when only few chinese is wanted
If you only want to access a few Chinese characters, you should use <code>\input font-chi.tex</code> instead of <code\usemodule[chinese]</code> as the latter changes also the default language and some of the numberation/section settings (see [ s-chi-00.tex]).
If you want to typset vertical text, use <tt>\startvertical ... \stopvertical</tt>, if you want to use Chinese numbers, you can use e.g. <tt>\startitemize[c]</tt>; possible options are <tt>c</tt> or <tt>cn</tt> for normal Chinese numbers (一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六 etc.), <tt>cc</tt> for the capitalized (or financial) Chinese numbers (壹, 贰, 叁 etc.), <tt>ec</tt> for an extended version which uses 廿 and 卅 (instead of 二十 and 三十), and <tt>ac</tt> for using the Chinese numbers zero (零, 〇) to nine (九) in the same way one does with the Arabic digits 0 to 9.
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