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retry, using prose and a buffer instead
This dash can be placed between two | characters, for example |-|.
When || is typed, the default intra word dash is used, which is <context>||</context>.  \You can configure this with <cmd>setuphyphenmark[sign=..]</cmd>
The || is also used in word combinations like (intra)word, which is typed as (intra|)|word.
The mechanism is not foolproof but it serves most purposes. In case the hyphenation is
incorrect you can hyphenate the first word of the composed one by hand: (in\-tra|)|word.
Another use of || is the processing of subsentences. The symbol that surrounds a subsentence varies
depending on the current language settings, as controlled by <cmd>setuplanguage</cmd>. When you use |<| and |>| to indicate the subsentence, the proper symbol will be used automatically.
a |<|as explained below|>| conflirtaneous \dots
The main reason behind this mechanism is that TeX doesn’t really know how to hyphenate
\VL \ShowComposed intra|=|word \VL\LR
\VL \ShowComposed intra|'|word \VL\LR
\VL \ShowComposed |<|subsentence|>| \VL\LR

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