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== Introduction ==
TeX was designed for ease of typesetting books that contained mathematics. As ConTeXt is built on top of TeX, it inherits all those features. In addition to these, ConTeXt adds lot of macros to make the typesetting of mathematics easier.
There are '''two kind ''' kinds of '''math modes''' --- '''inline math and display math'''. Mathematical expressions that are written with the running text are called inline math; while mathematical expressions that break the flow of the text (such as formulas or equations) are called display math. TeX takes care of proper spacing around expressions and provides macros to typeset most mathematical constructs.
Complicated expressions can be built by working in steps---break down the expression into sub-expressions, build the sub-expressions and then combine them to get the complicated expression.
The basics of typesetting math in ConTeXt is explained here.  === Display math mode ===Type <texcode>\startformula ... \stopformula</texcode> to get display math mode. === Inline math mode ===There are four equivalent commands to get inline math mode: <texcode>$ ... $ % TeX style.\m{ ... } \math{ ... } \mathematics{ ... }</texcode>
=== Note to Plain TeX Users ===
\startformula ... \stopformula
== The details ==
=== The basics Math symbols ===
* [[Math/basic | How to input math]] (binary relations, greek letters, subscripts and superscripts)
* Accents
* underbrace, overbrace
* [[Math/fractions | Fractions, Binomials, genfrac, continued fractions.]]
* Delimiters (big, bigg, left, middle, right)
* Integrals and Sums
* ([[Math/functions|Log like]]) functions
* dots
* cases[[Multiline_equations#Cases|Cases]], matrices, bordermatrix
* Arrows (see [ Math Arrows])
* [[Vectors]]
* [[Product integral]]
=== Display Math ===
* [[Multiline equations]] (see [ Using \mathalign and friends])
* Math sub-alignment
* [[Math spacing]]
* Discussion: [[User_talk:Zenlima | summary of formula numbering problems]] (comment: unverified)
==Math Fonts==
==Math [[Fonts]]==* ''See [[Bold Mathfonts]]* [http://homepage.mac'' for the main article about this Euler in ConTeXt (using Euler math font)] by Adam Lindsay* [[rsfs]] Using Ralph Smith's Formal Script* [[Doublestroke]] Using Double Stroke Font* [[Blackboard bold]]* [[Product integral]] symbol
== Other Methods ==
==Number Formatting==
There's a special command, <cmd>digits</cmd>, and a with its own manual about formatting numbers, see [ Pasting digits together]
==Evaluating expressions in ConTeXt==
(i.e. ''doing'' math)
* See also [[Expressions]].

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