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current version is 0.1 (in reality, it is
= Installing Adobe Fonts =
I tested my install with TeXLive 2008 on Ubuntu 8.10 and it worked perfectly. You need to get my script as Patrick's script has a few bugs, such as not generated a correct typescript when ''sans'' is specified and ignores ''osf'' (old style numeral) parameter.
My <tt>.oinst</tt> differs only in that you don't specify the ''osf'' parameter in ''Variants''---It's generated by default, just modify the Ruby script if you don't wan't it to behave as such. Make sure you have the same directory structure as above.
Make a test directory in, say, your $HOME.
mkdir oftinstall
cd oftinstall
Test my script
wget myscript.rb
== WarnockPro ==
Get my <tt>.oinst</tt> file for WarnockPro, which saves you the effort of copy-and-pasting it.
wget warnockpro.oinst
ruby otfinst.rb -f adobe warnockpro.inst
== CronosPro ==
== MinionPro ==
== Problems ==
Report problems to thread.


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