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Hi Brooks,

I'm sorry, but I don't really like these pages that start with "in LaTeX, you would do this". The whole LaTeX example can be removed without changing the meaning of this page. I would be a happier if we do not use LaTeX references except in the "LaTeX to Context" section.

Is it ok if I remove the \newcommand example from this page (and possible others)?

(I'll extend it a bit at the same time :))

IP-based change was me --Taco

I agree, in general -- the LaTeX example wasn't my addition.

In specific, though, this page was originally in the LaTeX to ConTeXt section, and sort of grew into something that seemed like it would be useful as a more general page. So the \newcommand example needs to go somewhere rather than being deleted, I think -- even if it only goes back onto the main LaTeX to ConTeXt page in the form of a comment like "\newcommand: see Commands with optional arguments".

(Perhaps it would have worked better to have created this page as something completely new, rather than making it from the old "newcommand" page; hindsight, as they say, is 20:20.)

In any case, feel free to put the "newcommand" stuff somewhere else. The main reason that I left that part of the page as it was is because I figured that the part I added -- below the first \hline -- was still very unfinished, and I shouldn't clear out the old stuff until there was a solid answer to replace it with.

--Brooks, 11:26 2004-08-05 (PST)

Pitfalls need better headlines

I tried to divide the "Pitfalls" section in some subcases, but presumably my understanding of the matter is not yet thorough enough to pin down good descriptions. Feel free to change or move to a more relevant page. -- Benjamin (talk)