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It's unfair to complain about the broken wiki functionality. The file is about input encoding and wiki works with utf-8 - I can't imagine how to make this example work here even if you include all the necessary definitions. --Mojca

Good point. The way to make the example "work" is probably to fake it using utf-8 code inside the context block. Incidentally, do the texcode examples look right to you? On my computer, the special characters look all wrong, and I'm wondering if it's font issues or if they're really Latin-9 characters being displayed (incorrectly) as utf-8. (I thought that they were the latter, in which case it wouldn't be too surprising for the example to work properly....) In any case, I'd fake up an output example, except that I don't know what it's supposed to show. --Brooks 02:13, 4 Sep 2005 (UTC)
I guess that text is written in utf-8 (at least it looks less strange that way). Well, sure you can fake it (like the pages for Hiding Content), but my next question is: I don't know any standard encoding supporting fractions and currency sign for example, which is another bad news.
(Besides that, ISO-8859 regimes should all become a part of ConTeXt core anyway - I hope this page will soon be able to "disappear" anyway.) --Mojca