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Potential TODO

  • maybe add "My Ways" documents, would need to include them in the csv database and allocate them to specific Topics.
  • to add to the python script a sorting algo to match with the requirements (see Warning below)

Setup of the page


  • First part, is done manually by copy / paste of existing content, and update links.
  • Second part, the gallery of Manuals to help browsing, is built from two files:
    • a csv list of the Manuals, including kind of categorization (the same as for the Welcome page, to be consistent)
    • a python script, which use pdfcairo from poppler-utils, and imagemagick

WARNING ====> CSV should be first sorted by date (col 10), then by Topic (col 1) <=== WARNING

The output file ConTeXt_Garden_wiki_MainPage_output.txt can be directly copy/pasted in the wiki.


The page just uses html list and CSS grid features, in particular:

  • grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(auto, 500px));
  • justify-content: space-evenly;