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Can some please add an example of basic arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry typesetted with ConTeXt, starting from grade school and going up to simple high school level (Grade 10 or thereabouts?) I am aware of of how to use TeX's mathematical facilities, but I find that ConTeXt would make the book look much nicer, especially with colours, and also because I can't figure out anywhere in TeX or LaTeX how to sanely draw simple things like a number line.

Suppose I want a number line. A straight line, 10cm, with dots or small horizontal, thin lines marking each cm. Then numbers in a different colour under each cm marker. How could this be done? And then label it as a figure, and be able to reference it?

How about a generic number line macro, to choose the length (scaled if necessary for a 30cm line for instance, using .5cm dots or thin horizontal lines, whether I want a box around it and what color the box should be, the padding inside the box boundary between the box and the number line and numbers, perhaps different for the tops and bottoms and sides, color of the number line, color of the dots or cm line markings, colors of the numbers, colors of the measurement used (e.g. ---|---|---|---| 10 cm), colors of the shading inside the box, and other things like that.

If this kind of tutorial would take too long, what series of ConTeXt manuals should I read and in what order, and is there an "all-in-one" ConTeXt book like there is for TeX, "The TeX Book?"

Also is it possible to just draw these things using Photoshop or illustrator, save them in a suitable format (what format would be best) and have them laid out where you want them on the page?

Same again of course, moving from algebra to geometry and trigonometry. The figures, their sizes, colors, markings (Greek letters or whatever), angles, boxes around them, light shades of color in the boxes, padding, labeling, a way to cross reference it from somewhere else, and how to lay it out.

Thank you.


Short Answer: Use Metapost for such things. Long Answer: This is not the appropriate place to ask questions. You should post your question to the Mailing Lists --Aditya