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Feature requests and fixes

(so that the do not get lost before integrating them into the bundle) --Mojca 02:55, 28 January 2008 (CET)

inclusions for lua (as for metafun)

support more engines (--lua) and other preferences


Bundles -> LaTeX -> Preferences



(hmmm ... it even supports texexec :)

(check how LaTeX does different things through menus)

implement metafun syntax & autocomplete




on HTML and implement the same for ConTeXt (try to figure out how to implement that with less S-es).

add texshow's help

Parse XML (or some other form) natively, without the need for web version (or both) and display html window.

[opt+R] on projects

Any chance to compile the main file when the file starts with \component?

scroll down in the log window automatically

(and blink or something if compilation fails)

Edit Commands/typeset.tmCommand to include


add support for automatic open after [opt]+R

add support for a different ConTeXt tree

document creation of autocomplete scripts

weird tab completions

How does one use this one?

\date ${1:[${2:...,...=...,...}]}[${3:...,...,...}]

Also, it would be nice to:

  • be able do completion as
  • use sensible names instead of dots where possible (maybe misusing italic is possible)
\externalfigure [file][...,...=...,...]
  • have the endings:

for example (cloned from HTML):

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

doc        =
line       = ENV['TM_LINE_NUMBER'].to_i
line_index = ENV['TM_LINE_INDEX'].to_i

if ENV.has_key? 'TM_INPUT_START_LINE' then
  line       = ENV['TM_INPUT_START_LINE'].to_i
  line_index = ENV['TM_INPUT_START_LINE_INDEX'].to_i

before = /(.*\n){#{line-1}}.{#{line_index}}/.match(doc)[0]

#before.gsub!(/<[^>]+\/\s*>/i, '')

# remove all comments
before.gsub!(/[%].*/, '')

stack = [ ]
before.scan(/\\(start|stop)([a-zA-Z]+)/) do |m|
  if m[0] == 'start' then
    stack << m[1]
    until stack.empty? do
      close_tag = stack.pop
      # print ">>#{close_tag}"
      break if close_tag == m[1]

if stack.empty? then
  %x{ osascript -e beep &>/dev/null & }
  print "\\stop#{stack.pop}"

disable smart typing \& comments after backslash

clone from LaTeX bundle (maybe it could be simply inherited yrom TeX somehow?)

more possibilities for tab-completion

when there are optional parameters, offer all of them for tab-completion and offer their descriptions (see how it's implemented in CSS)

Unicode bundle

  • browse (by name/description/code) and insert unicode glyphs
  • help about the character under cursor


Is it possible to have a graphical menu with math symbols for example?

Won't fix

(comments by Patrick)

refresh viewer

Can't get this to work on my machine (tiger, power pc, german ui)

improve this code & import it into open link:


PDFFILE=echo "${pdf}" | sed -e 's/.[^.]*$/.pdf/'

echo "
tell application \"System Events\"
 if exists process \"Preview\" then
 tell application \"Preview\" to activate
 tell process \"Preview\"
  tell menu bar 1
   repeat with currentItem in (every menu item of menu \"Window\" of menu bar item \"Window\" whose name contains \"${PDFBASENAME}\")
    click currentItem
    click menu item \"Close\" of menu \"File\" of menu bar item \"File\"
   end repeat
  end tell
 end tell
 end if
end tell
" | osascript
# open ${PDFFILE}

open -a ${PDF_VIEWER:=Preview} "${pdf}"

Fixed in 0.7


  • remove
str.gsub!("\n", "<br>")
  • add
str = str.gsub(/^.*Insecure world writable dir.*?\n/, '')
  • Replace
str = str.gsub(/(.*?):(\d+):(.*)/, "<a href='txmt://open?url=file://#{dir}/#{file}&line=\\2'>\\1:\\2:\\3</a>")


str = str.gsub(/(.*?):(\d+):(.*)/, "<a href='txmt://open?url=file://#{dir}/\\1&line=\\2'>\\1:\\2:\\3</a>")

else errors point to wrong locations in case of project structure.

$$ pairs

create a new P

{       highlightPairs = (
                ( '(', ')' ),
                ( '{', '}' ),
                ( '[', ']' ),
                ( '$', '$' ),
        smartTypingPairs = (
                ( '"', '"' ),
                ( '(', ')' ),
                ( '{', '}' ),
                ( '[', ']' ),
                ( '$', '$' ),
 # no idea what that is (copied from text)
        unIndentedLinePattern = '^\s*$';

fix env[tab]


add itm[tab]

\\item $0