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There are 6 uptodate files available from PRAGMA ADE.

  1. [screen] [paper] Field Widgets References
  2. [screen] [paper] PPCHTeX examples
  3. [screen] [paper] Flowcharts
  4. [screen] [paper] Tabulation
  5. Reserved for Bibliographies
  6. Reserved for Mathematics
  7. [screen] [paper] Chinese
  8. [screen] Automatic Tables

The uptodate documents now also exist under a different name:

  1. mwidget-p.pdf (paper) and mwidget-s.pdf (screen)
  2. eppchtex.pdf
  3. mchart.pdf
  4. (Not changed?)
  5. (never published)
  6. (never published)
  7. mchinese.pdf
  8. enattab.pdf