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My name is Marcin Borkowski. Here is the link to my personal webpage (mostly in Polish, sorry;)), in case you are curious about me:

ConTeXt problems

Since I am a ConTeXt beginner, I have lots of problems using it. I'm putting the unsolved ones here since this is easier to find than in the list archives. (Also, maybe someone will help;)?)

Multicolumn itemizations

Some of them are connected with multicolumn itemizations, which seem to be somehow broken. Maybe someone knows what's wrong with this? The [intro] option doesn't work.

  This is some intro (\recurselevel).
  \dorecurse{8}{\item This is an item.}

It works neither in MkII nor in MkIV, though the output is wrong in two different ways (at least in the online ConTeXt as of 2008-11-05).

Also, is it possible to insert manually a column break in multicolumn itemizations? (This is needed e.g. when some of the items are taller than the other (math formulae!) and I get e.g. 3+1 items in two columns instead of 2+2)

And another problem: how to "come back" to one-column? I mean, when I have two-column itemizations throughout the document and I want to have one one-column one (what a syntax;)!), how can I do it? This won't work (neither in MkII nor in MkIV):



\item Item one
\item Sub-itemize:
  \item sub-one
  \item sub-two
  \item sub-three
  \item sub-four
\item Sub-itemize with one column:
  \item A
  \item B
  \item C