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< Installation hints

This file lives in (mytexmf/)tex/context/user/, you must copy it first time from cont-sys.rme.

Here you can set up all your options that you want to be valid for all projects.

There are some settings on Fonts, MetaPost/MetaFun; most options are documented in the file itself.

% set default encoding
\setupencoding [\s!default=ec]

% set default TeX processor (driver)

% load font maps for pdfTeX automatically
% (makes sense if you use a lot of different fonts)
%\usetypescript [map] [default,\defaultencoding]

% runtime processing of MetaPost
% for the next two, you need write18 enabled

% use MetaFun

For me, typescripts only work if I uncomment \autoloadmapfilestrue and \resetmapfiles --Hraban 2004-08-24