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Xiao Jianfeng wrote in a mail to the mailing list on 2005-06-06:

Here is my way of Chinese setup in ConTeXt. I hope this can be of any help to some newbies like me who have problems in processing Chinese.

  1. Get the truetype fonts htfs.ttf, hthei.ttf, htkai.ttf and htsong.ttf from
  2. Get corresponding tfm files,, and from
  3. Get the enc file from
  4. Get the map file from
  5. Put the ttf font files you got in step 1 to texmf-fonts/fonts/truetype/chinese
  6. Unzip the files you got in step 2 and you get four corresponding directories (which contain tfm files), then put them in texmf-fonts/fonts/tfm/chinese
  7. Unzip, you will get a directory named Gbk which contains many enc files. Put the directory to texmf-fonts/fonts/enc/chinese
  8. Unzip, you will get many map files, you need just the You need to edit, delete entries of gbli* at the end of the file (lines 505-629). ((sample deleted)). Then, put the modified to texmf-fonts/fonts/map/chinese. Note that newer pdfetex don't read pdftex.cfg so better use \loadmapfile[gbk] in your document.
  9. Your document should be compilable now. ((Attached is a test file from Lutz, so you can test your ConTeXt.))
  10. I haven't tried to compile Traditional Chinese documents. Maybe just get corresponding files for Traditional Chinese and put there to the right location will work. I'm not sure.