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Collectors are an alternative to overlays that can be used to build-up composite objects. Layers on the other hand, are used to define whole pages. See the details manual for further explanations.


Adding labels to a figure.


\setcollector [example] { \externalfigure[cow][width=4cm,frame=on] }
\setcollector [example] [corner={right,bottom},location={right,bottom}]
\setcollector [example] [corner={right,top},location={right,top}]
\setcollector [example] [corner={left,top},location={left,top}]
\setcollector [example] [corner={left,bottom},location={left,bottom}]



Notice that the size of the collected object grows as text is added. As a consequence, the positions of the corners get redefined as the bounding box grows.