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Using colors with ConTeXt is easy:

  • Start with \setupcolors[state=start]. Without that, everything appears in greys.
  • If you want only RGB or only CMYK color, use cmyk=no or rgb=no. It seems there are also spot and hexachrome colors possible, but I don't know yet how.
  • Normally all colors are defined in RGB *and* CMYK and get converted if needed.
  • You find lists of predefined colors in the files colo-xxx.tex, load them with \setupcolor[xxx]:
    • rgb: some simple colors, loaded by default (with translations for the different interface languages!)
    • xwi: X-Windows-colors
    • pra: PRAGMA ADE company colors
    • ema: Emacs colors
  • Try the magic \showcolor[xxx]!
  • Define your own colors with \definecolor[blablue][r=.1, g=.1, b=1, c=1, m=.1, y=0, k=0, s=.2] (definition for RGB, CMYK and Grey!)
  • Use the color name like [color=blablue] in some \setup... command.
  • Typeset single text elements with \color[blablue]{nice blue text} or longer sections with \startcolor[blablue] ... \stopcolor.

(See also "Color and Background" in the manual!)


\definecolor[blablue][r=.25, g=.1, b=1, c=1, m=.1, y=0, k=0, s=.2]

Here's some \color[blablue]{blue text} inbetween!

Colorgroups (Palettes)

Very interesting feature, to be described later...