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\startmixedcolumns ... \stopmixedcolumns


The instances of \startmixedcolumns ... \stopmixedcolumns are used for typesetting material in multiple columns.


\startitemgroupcolumns ... \stopitemgroupcolumns
\startboxedcolumns ... \stopboxedcolumns
\startcolumns ... \stopcolumns

Settings instance

\startMIXEDCOLUMNS[...=...,...] ... \stopMIXEDCOLUMNS
...=...,...inherits from \setupmixedcolumns


Start a columnation environment. You must specify how many columns you want using [n=2], unless you have already done so using \setupcolumns. A new column can be forced with \column. A columnation environment that does not fill up the remainder of the page will be balanced by default, rather than produce full columns next to empty ones.


Example 1


% Indentation helps us see where one paragraph ends and the next begins
\setupindenting[yes, small]

\startcolumns[n=3,separator=rule] % [rule=on] seems to be deprecated
  \input weisman

  \input weisman
% Start the Hawking quotation in a new column
  \input hawking


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