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Syntax (autogenerated)



{...} filename


  • If this file is being processed because it was included in another file, stop.
  • If ConTeXt was invoked on this file specifically, continue.
  • Commonly used to place a test/example section at the end of a module file.


% We write a module, and put it in mymodule.mkiv

%D This module provides the wonderfully useful \mycommand

    {\tex{mycommand} turns your \quote{#1} into something useful.}

% Everything above was part of the module definitions. 
% Everything below is part of the documentation PDF, 
% which we only produce if the user runs ConTeXt on this 
% file specifically.


    \section{Examples of using \tex{mycommand}}
        % ....
    \section{On the implementation of \tex{mycommand}}
        % ....

See Also

  • \jobname simply expands to the name (sans extension) of the file ConTeXt was invoked on.