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Syntax (autogenerated)

{...}name number
{...}key realpage


{...} name of data set
{...} name or number of table in data set
{...} variable name



This command retrieves the value of myvariable in the table mytable stored in the dataset mydataset. Two complete examples are shown below.


% Define a dataset called 'mysteries'

% The first anonymous table is stored at position 1, the second at position 2, etc.

% Retrieving an anonymous table
\datasetvariable{mysteries}{1}{assistant}  % Watson


% Define a dataset called 'mysteries'

% Store a key-value dataset called 'Doyle'
\setdataset[mysteries][Doyle][detective=Holmes, assistant=Watson, officer=Lestrade]

% Retrive the variable 'assistant' from the 'Doyle' table in the 'mysteries' dataset
\datasetvariable{mysteries}{Doyle}{assistant}  % Watson

See also

  • \definedataset to define a dataset for storing key-value tables
  • \setdataset to store key-value tables in a dataset
  • More detailed explanations and examples can be found in the Key-Value Assignments article, under the section Multi-pass data.

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