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Syntax (autogenerated)

...=...,...inherits from \setupinterlinespace



This macro defines a font with the same name as the first argument and you can use its name as an identifier to select that font.

The second argument works in the same way as the second argument to \definefontsynonym: you can use either a font synonym or a real font.

There is an optional third argument that can be either a bare number like 1.5 or a named setup. In case of a bare number, that is a local setting for the interline space. In case of a setup, that setup can do whatever it wants.


Example 1

\loadmapfile [koeieletters]
\definefont [ContextLogo] [koeielogos at 72pt]
\ContextLogo \char 2

Example 2

Newer LMTX example. Use this when you want a font for a short piece of text on a title page, for example, rather than throughout the document.

\definefont [TestA] [name:texgyreheros*default at 12pt]
\definefont [TestB] [name:texgyreherosbold*default at 14pt]
\definefont [TestC] [name:texgyreherositalic*default at 12pt]
\definefont [TestD] [name:texgyreherosbolditalic*default at 14pt]

{\TestA The quick}
{\TestB brown fox}
{\TestC jumps over}
{\TestD the lazy dog}

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