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The command \definegridsnapping defines grid snap setting shortcuts


[...,...]local global noheight nodepth box max min none line halfline first last minheight maxheight mindepth maxdepth top bottom strut number minheight:number maxheight:number mindepth:number maxdepth:number box:number top:number bottom:number offset:number

local use local interline space
global use global interline space
noheight ignore height
nodepth ignore depth
box centers a box rounded upwards (box:.5 -> tolerance)
max centers a box rounded upwards
min centers a box rounded downwards
none don't enlarge
line enlarge by line/line
halfline enlarge by halfline/halfline
first align to top line
last align to last line
minheight height rounded down
maxheight height rounded up
mindepth depth rounded down (toward zero)
maxdepth depth rounded up
strut enlarge by line height and depth
minheight:number height rounded down to 'number' multiplier
maxheight:number height rounded up to 'number' multiplier
mindepth:number depth rounded down to 'number' multiplier
maxdepth:number depth rounded up to 'number' multiplier
offset:number vertical shift within box




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