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The command \defineresetset is used to configure the continuous numbering of sections of a lower level regardless of higher levels. E.g. if you use parts but want to have all chapters numbered continously.


[...]name sectionblock:name

name of the reset set (default or your own)
List of 1 or 0 for every section level, "0,1" means "part no, chapter yes" etc. (second example). If empty, affect just the section in whose setup the reset set is used (first example).
1 = reset, 0 = don’t reset (refering to the previous list or the current level)


\definestructureresetset is an alias of this command for backward compatibility.


define for one section level


define generally

\defineresetset[default][1,1,0][1] %% reset part, chapter, but not section


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