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[name] Name of the conversion set
[list,...] List with explicit settings for certain headings
[default] Default setting if no explicit conversion is set


The command defines conversion of internal counters.

The first argument is just the name which is used as argument for sectionconverionset in \setuphead for prefixconverionset in \setupcaption, \setupenumeration etc. The name of the conversion can be prefixed with the name of a sectionblock, e.g. \definestructureconverionset[bodypart:myconversion][A,I,n,R][numbers].

With the second argument you can set a conversion of the counter for the headings, the list starts always with the \part level and continues with \chapter etc. but it’s possible leave entries empty.

With the third argument one can set a default value which is used when no value for a heading is set with the second argument.


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