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This macro is to be used inside custom defined section commands to propagate the options set in \setuphead. The options which are set locally by \headsetupspacing are align, tolerance, and strut. The values for these are inherited from \setuphead.

The definition of \headsetupspacing is found in strc-ren.mkiv. There one can also find the historic synonym \localheadsetup. The name \localheadsetup might vanish in the future; don't use it!


In this example we use \showstruts to emphasize that even though we set strut=no it is not forwarded and struts still appear. If we use \headsetupspacing, however, the struts are gone.




\define[2]\printsection{#1 #2}

\define[2]\printsection{\headsetupspacing #1 #2}


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