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The command \placefloat is used for ...


[...,...]split always left right inner outer backspace cutspace inleft inright inmargin leftmargin rightmargin leftedge rightedge innermargin outermargin inneredge outeredge text opposite reset height depth [+-]line halfline grid high low fit 90 180 270 nonumber none local here force margin [+-]hang hanging tall both middle offset top bottom auto page leftpage rightpage somewhere effective header footer tblr lrtb tbrl rltb fxtb btlr lrbt btrl rlbt fxbt fixd

optional positioning key. There are a great many positioning keys defined, and they can be combined (although not all combinations make sense).
always precedence over stored floats
left To the left of text
right To the right of the text
inleft In left margin
inright In right margin
inmargin In the margin (left or right)
opposite on the opposite page of a spread
none Suppress the caption, including the "FLOAT 1" label.
here Preferably here
force Force placement here
margin In the margin (margin float)
top At the top of the page
bottom At the bottom of the page
page on a new (empty) page
optional reference label
caption content




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