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The command \placeongrid is used to place content on the grid


[...]normal standard yes strict tolerant top bottom both broad fit first last high one low none line strut box min max middle math math:line math:halfline math:-line math:-halfline name

The options here are all shortcuts defined by using \definegridsnapping. The detailed explanation given here is just the list of arguments used to create the shortcut. See \definegridsnapping for actual meanings.
normal maxheight,maxdepth,strut
standard maxheight,maxdepth,strut
yes maxheight,maxdepth,strut
strict maxdepth:0.8,maxheight:0.8,strut
tolerant maxdepth:1.2,maxheight:1.2,strut
top minheight,maxdepth,strut
bottom maxheight,mindepth,strut
both minheight,mindepth,strut
broad maxheight,maxdepth,strut,0.8
fit maxheight,maxdepth,strut,1.2
first first
last last
high minheight,maxdepth,none
one minheight,mindepth
low maxheight,mindepth,none
none none
line line
strut strut
box box
min min
max max
middle maxheight,maxdept
math maxdepth:1.05,maxheight:1.05,strut
math:line math,line,split
math:halfline math,halfline,split
math:-line math,-line,split
math:-halfline math,-halfline,split

Settings list

[...,...]inherits from \definegridsnapping


The command \placeongrid is used to place content on the grid.



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