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{...} text


Used in itemizations. Calls \sym internally, but using the \ran form clarifies that this line specifies a range for the multi-point scale used by the \its items.


   [5,             % open circles
    packed]        % no blank lines between items (counteracts \setupwhitespace[big])
   [width=6em,     % width of area in which bullets/numbers/scales are placed
    distance=2em,  % distance between last scale point and item
    items=4]       % number of points in scale
   % First we print a range key
   \ran{yes \hss no} % \hss produces an infinitely stretchable (and squashable) space
   \its I think Lord Peter Wimsey is the bee's knees.
   \its I think Bunter is the caterpillar's waistcoat.


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