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width dimension fit max
height dimension fit max
backspace dimension
topspace dimension
horoffset dimension
veroffset dimension
option max fit doublesided bookmark attachment layer page portrait landscape paper fixed
delay number none


option=max : fullscreen when the document is opened

option=bookmark : bookmark pane (if the document contains at least one) shown when the document is opened

option=attachment : attachments pane shown when the document is opened

option=layer: layers pane shown when the document is opened

option=page : PDF single--sided printing

option=portrait : PDF portrait duplex printing (long side flipped)

option=landscape : PDF landscape duplex printing (short side flipped)

option=paper : use non--standard paper size

option=fixed : no zoom in printing

option=none : required to specify further options (page, portrait, landscape as first values imply fixed; paper also implies page)


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