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   <tr valign="top" class="first">
   <tr valign="top" class="first">
     <td class="cmd">{{key|option}}</td>
     <td class="cmd">{{key|option}}</td>
     <td>Setting {{code|option=packed}} disables page-break between lines.</td>
     <td>Setting {{code|1=option=packed}} disables page-break between lines.</td>

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before command that is expanded and then placed at the start of the environment
after command that is expanded and then placed at the end of the environment
inbetween command that is expanded and then placed between paragraph
indenting no yes even odd

Whether the lines should be indented.

Requires \setupindenting[yes, dim] to be set, too.
space no yes on

Whether spaces should be preserved. In mkii, space=on

makes spaces visible as well as preserving them.
align Controls alignment, see \setupalign for values.
option Setting option=packed disables page-break between lines.
command Command to be applied to each line


Define the default settings for the \startlines environment. If \definelines[mylines] was used to define an environment \startmylines, you can set that up with \setupmylines.


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