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[...] name
width dimension
height dimension
voffset dimension
hoffset dimension
page left yes right
commands command
doublesided yes no empty
headerstate normal stop start empty none nomarking
footerstate normal stop start empty none nomarking
textstate normal stop start empty none nomarking
topstate stop start
bottomstate stop start
pagestate stop start
color name


from a mail by Taco:

A makeup is a separate page, like a title page or colofon. There is one standard makeup page, but you can define more if needed.

It is a page type with a special layout / header & footer sections that last only temporarily. The key point is that such a page does not (have to) rely on the current page layout style, which is especially useful for title pages.

By default the page layout set up with \setuplayout is being reused. However, a custom page layout can be used as well. \definemakeup automatically uses a layout defined with definelayout with the same name as the makeup.

There are two different ways to switch to the defined makeups:

\startmakeup [custom]
 … some content …


 … some content …


% this layout is automatically used by the “custom” makeup



  \startmakeup [custom]
    \input ward

  \input knuth

    \input ward


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