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[...,...,...] A3 A4 A5 A6 letter ... CD name landscape mirrored rotated 90 180 270
[...,...,...] A3 A4 A5 A6 letter ... name landscape mirrored rotated negative 90 180 270


The first argument of \setuppapersize is the dimension a page will have. The second argument is the size of the paper the pages will be printed on; see \setuparranging for placing multiple pages on a sheet. If the second argument is omitted, the paper size is assumed to equal the page size.

For example:


sets the paper size to letter paper, which is a pre-defined paper size. Other pre-defined paper sizes include:

  • letter, ledger, tabloid, legal, folio, and executive sizes from the North American paper standard;
  • sizes A0A10, B0B10, and C0C10 from the A, B, and C series of the ISO-216 standard;
  • sizes RA0RA4 and SRA0SRA4 from the RA and SRA series of ISO-217 paper standard;
  • sizes C6/C5, DL, and E4 from ISO-269 standard envelope sizes;
  • envelope 9envelope 14 sizes from the American postal standard;
  • sizes G5 and E5 from the Swedish SIS-014711 standard. These are used for Swedish theses;
  • size CD for CD covers;
  • size S3S6, S8, SM, and SW for screen sizes. These sizes are useful for presentations. S3S6 and S8 have an aspect ratio of 4:3. S3 is 300pt wide, S4 is 400pt wide, and so on. S6 is almost as wide as a A4 paper. SM and SW are for medium and wide screens; they have the same height as S6;
  • a few more paper sizes, which are not mention here. See page-lay.mki(i|v) for details.

To define your own paper size, see \definepapersize.

In addition to paper sizes, the second argument takes some special options:

  • samesized : same size as the first argument
  • oversized : adds 1,5cm to each side
  • undersized : subtracts 1.5cm from each side
  • doublesized : doubles the width
  • doubleoversized: doubles the width and adds 1,5 cm to each side


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