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== Example ==
== Example ==
<pre class="example">
<context source="yes" text="yields">
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   {Kuba\nickname[foto::]{Kuba} on the photo.}
   {Kuba\nickname[foto::]{Kuba} on the photo.}
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[...] singular
[...] name
n number
balance yes no
align yes no
style normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
pagestyle normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
textstyle normal bold slanted boldslanted type cap small... command
indicator yes no
coupling yes no
sectionnumber yes no
criterium section local all
distance dimension
symbol 1 2 ... n a ... none
interaction pagenumber text
expansion yes no command
referencing on off
command oneargument
location left middle right
maxwidth dimension
unknownreference empty none
alternative a b A B
prefix both first none


n: number of columns
balance: balance columns?
align: ?
style: overall style(?)
pagestyle: style of page number
textstyle: style of index word
indicator: create letter sections?
coupling: special feature for screen documents
(section)number: print part/... numbers?
criterium: for part/chapter/section registers
distance: between text and pagenumber
symbol: for pagenumber (a=a,b,c; n=1,2,3; 1=dots; 2=blocks)
interaction: which part should be clickable?
expansion: ?
referencing: create references for letter sections (like "index:a")?
command: DOES NOT EXIST! use textcommand and pagecommand instead!
textcommand: custom command for index word
pagecommand: custom command for page number
location: ?

maxwidth: Set the maximum length for the text of the index entry in the registerlist (the command uses \limitatetext to do this)

unknownreference: insert a horizontal space before and after the reference in the text if you use interactive mode to move from one entry in the text to
next or previous one and there is no previous or next reference.




\setupregister [nickname]
\setupregister [nickname][foto][pagestyle=bold]


Text about Mamut\nickname{Mamut}.
  {Kuba\nickname[foto::]{Kuba} on the photo.}

And text about Kuba\nickname{Kuba}.



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