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\startparagraph ... \stopparagraph



% Source: ConText Manual ms-cb-en.pdf

% Define a paragraph environment with 3 columns. 
% Insert a blank line just before and just after the paragraph. 

% The first column occupies 10% of the text's width and is rendered bold. 
\setupparagraphs [mypar][1][width=.1\textwidth,style=bold] 

% The second column occupies 40% of the text's width. 
\setupparagraphs [mypar][2][width=.4\textwidth]

% The third column uses default settings. It will occupy 
% the remaining 50% of the text's width.
% Set a paragraph with "mypar"

\startmypar % begin paragraph body with 1st column 


\mypar % switch to 2nd column

Hasselt obtains its city charter from bishop Hendrik van Vianden. 

\mypar % switch to 3rd column

Hendrik van Vianden was pressed by other towns not to agree 
with the charter. It took Hasselt a long period of time to 
convince the Bishop. After supporting the Bishop in a small 
war against the Drents, the charter was released. 

\stopmypar % end paragraph body 

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