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\startuserdata[...][...,...=...,...] ... \stopuserdata
[...] NAME
key value


The userdata environments provides a optional argument which let you unlike the the startstop environment pass your own values to the content of the environment.

New layouts for the environment can be created with the \defineuserdataalternative command.


\defineuserdataalternative [epigraph] [renderingsetup=userdata:epigraph]

\startsetups [userdata:epigraph]
    \startframedtext [location=right,frame=off,align={flushleft,broad},style=\tfx,offset=.25ex,width=.5\textwidth]


\startuserdata [epigraph] [author={Sean B. Carrol}]
    The fraction of fossil olfactory receptor genes is significantly higher in
    all species with full color vision. This suggests that the evolution of
    trichromatic vision --- which allows these primates to detect food, mates,
    and danger with visual cues --- has reduced their reliance on the sense of