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ConTeXt, an excursion is an introductory ConTeXt manual that aims to teach beginners the basics of almost every aspect of ConTeXt. If you came to ConTeXt from LaTeX, consider it the counterpart of The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX.


ConTeXt, an excursion is available in multiple languages. If you would like to write a translation for your own language, please read the article on improving the manuals.

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These are errata for the English version of ConTeXt, an excursion. Page numbers refer to the print version of 1999-05-27.

A revised version and versions in new languages are planned: see Revision and translations of “ConTeXt, an excursion”.

Page Erratum
0 the correct e-mail address for pragma is
7 run texexec, not context. (Syntax is the same)
8 \type{\} or \textbackslash is missing from the tables 3.1/3.2
24 \placefigure is missing { } around \startcombination ... \stopcombination
24 \stopcombinatie\stopcombination
56-58 The second, braced argument for \in and \at can be used to create constructions like \in{figure}{a}[fig:boats] which would give you "In figure 25.1a"
78 geenno (or possibly not)