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<[[Main Page]] | [[Official ConTeXt Documentation]]>
<[[Main Page]] | [[Official ConTeXt Documentation]]>
'''ConTeXt on Excursion''' is a beginner's manual about ConTeXt.<br>
'''ConTeXt an Excursion''' is a beginner's manual about ConTeXt.<br>
Authors: ''Ton Otten'' and ''Hans Hagen''.
Authors: ''Ton Otten'' and ''Hans Hagen''.
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   <td>ConTeXt on excursion</td>
   <td>ConTeXt an excursion</td>

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<Main Page | Official ConTeXt Documentation>

ConTeXt an Excursion is a beginner's manual about ConTeXt.
Authors: Ton Otten and Hans Hagen.

Actual versions:

Language Name Date Version Screen Print Translation Note
Dutch ConTeXt een rondleiding 1999 ? 2007-12-12 PDF (4.6 MB) PDF (3.0 MB) original
English ConTeXt an excursion 1999-05-27 2007-12-12 PDF (5.4 MB) PDF (3.1 MB) by authors
Czech Exkurze do ConTeXtu 2007-12-12 2007-12-12 PDF (5.8 MB) PDF (3.4 MB) Vít Zýka, et al. Zpravodaj version

Sources are stored in the SVN repository ConTeXt manuals. New translations are welcomed, see Instruction bellow.


Use make, e.g:

  make en-screen   (english screen version)
  make nl          (dutch screen and print versions)
  make clean

Instruction for new language translators

  1. Register at SVN repository and make your local copy.
  2. Choose abbreviation LANG of your language (e.g. it for Italian).
  3. Create subdirectory LANG.
  4. Copy all English files here: cp en/* LANG/.
  5. Switch en in file names to LANG.
  6. Comment each paragraph and add your translation bellow it.
  7. Add LANG to makefile.
  8. Run make LANG.
  9. Add the result to the Doc part of the Repository and ask the project admin for approval.
  10. Add the line to the table above.