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* <b>p. 241:</b> All examples should have <code>\externalfigure</code> in place of <code>\exernalfigure</code>.
* <b>p. 241:</b> All examples should have <code>\externalfigure</code> in place of <code>\exernalfigure</code>.
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The ConTeXt reference manual is ConTeXt's main manual. There are a great many topic manuals, e.g. for MathML, or typography, or columnsets; it is the intention that eventually all but the most specialist of these manuals are merged into the main reference manual.

If you wish to contribute, see Improving the manuals.


Errata to the reference manual go here. The errata are listed in blocks in chronological order according to the date added, and in page order within those blocks. Please maintain this order when adding additional errata.

Errata, 2005/09/01 to 2005/12/31

  • p. 77: It currently says that textseparator goes between the section number and page number, and numberseparator goes between the page number and footer text. The converse is true.
  • p. 83: In the local footnotes example, the n=0 option is used, but this option does not appear to be currently supported.
  • p. 84: In the typeset example, the first three footnotes are overlaid on top of each other. This appears to be a ConTeXt bug related to the use of n=0.
  • p. 148: In the example, head=nomarking should be header=nomarking
  • p. 242: The \startcombination ... \stopcombination block in the example needs to be enclosed in braces, as {\startcombination ... \stopcombination}.

Fixed in the new reference manual

  • p. 3: In the last paragraph of the preface, "accustemed" should be "accustomed".
  • p. 55: In the first line, "A text my" should be "A text may".
  • p. 55: In the example (both typeset and source), "prevent democracy to arise" should be "prevent democracy from arising".
  • p. 73: In the first typeset paragraph, "(left of right)" should be "(left or right)".
  • p. 241: All examples should have \externalfigure in place of \exernalfigure.

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