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   StartPage ;
     fill Page withcolor .5green ;
     path p ; p := unitcircle randomized .1 xsized(PaperWidth-1cm) ;
     fill p shifted -center p shifted center Page  withcolor red ;
   StopPage ;




  \vfill \definedfont[SerifBold at 48pt]\setstrut \strut Penguins in Vietnam
  \blank[2*big] \definedfont[SerifBold at 24pt]\setstrut \strut A Very Short Story


\input tufte


Reference to mailing list

Another title page





%         {\setuptyping[before=,after=]\typebuffer[title]}}}






Guess who did this one :-) Reference to mailing list

A simple centered cover for a booklet



  pagestate=start]% we want to number this

{\bfc This should be the long title, Andreas' solution\par}


This is the colofon


\input knuth



Or, another solution (which can be tuned at will), which relies on a new feature in MkIV: there is also a layout with the same name as the makeup environment and you can control the margins of your new title page environment with \setuplayout[makeupname][...].




[backspace=2cm,width=108mm] % 148mm is the width, 20 mm of backspace,
                            % 20 mm of outer margin


 \bfc This should be the long, long, very long title\par

This is the colofon

\chapter{Start here on page 3}

\dorecurse{20}{\input tufte\par}


Scaled Full Page Image 1

An elegant option is to extend the makeup mechanism to accept the background key:

   \to \t_page_makeup_every_setup

Then you can use

     [{\externalfigure[cow.pdf][width=\overlaywidth, height=\overlayheight]}]


Scaled Full Page Image 2

To scale an image such that it takes up an entire page, regardless of the image dimensions, use:

   \externalfigure[cow.pdf][width=\paperwidth, height=\paperheight]