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TeXlive is contained in Debian. Just call aptitude update aptitude install texlive

       aptitude install lmodern texlive-context

Which will bring you: texlive-latex-recommended, texlive-fonts-recommended, texlive-context, texlive-latex-base, texlive-base. You can go on and install additional packages (like texlive-latex-extra) and additional languages (like texlive-lang-german) and additional documentation (like texlive-doc-en).

If you want to have a system closely mirroring a TeX Live DVD, you can install the texlive-full packages, which pulls in all packages.

aptitude install texlive-full

The texlive-context package may be older then the context packages from Norbert Preining; see Debian_installation.


It may be of interest to get fonts as well:

  aptitude install texlive-fonts-recommended cm-super


And to get back texinfo if needed:

  aptitude install texinfo