Open main menu or first-setup.bat is the script used to install and update ConTeXt. You can keep separate ConTeXt installations under separate directories; this is useful if you want a stable version for your important projects, and like to use the latest features in your small projects, for example. The script is a wrapper around mtxrun with mtx-update.lua as a helper script, both in the bin directory directly under the installation root.

To obtain the script:

   cd /opt/context
   rsync -ptv rsync:// ./
   # optional: make it executable.
   # chmod +x

The script self-updates when you run it, so you don't need to worry about that.

To install or update ConTeXt:

   sh ./   # defaults to --context=beta
   sh ./ --context=beta      # latest beta
   sh ./ --context=current   # current stable version
   sh ./ --context=date      # a specific *stable* version

To install only Mark IV:

   sh ./ --engine=luatex

To install a module, multiple modules, or all modules:

   sh ./ --modules="t-letter"
   sh ./ --modules="t-letter,t-mathsets"
   sh ./ --modules=all

To update ConTeXt, retaining currently-installed modules:

   sh ./ --keep

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