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TODO: the page devoted to all kinds of framed stuff (See: To-Do List)

How to achieve specific results

Preventing hyphenation

One can prevent hypenation inside a frame by passing nothypenated option to align. It is also a good idea to add verytolerant and strectch options.

   {\input ward \endgraf}}
    align={flushleft,nothyphenated,verytolerant}] % maybe also stretch
   {\input ward \endgraf}}
{flushleft,\crlf nothypenated, \crlf verytolerant}

Specify the width no longer than needed

I want to specify the maximum width of a frame. If the size of the box is smaller than the maximum width, I want a tight box. This can be done using the autowidth=force option to framed.



\tightframed{A really really long line that is split at 5cm}

Rounded Corners

\framed allows you to have round corners with corner=round. There are also other possibilities if you want round corners but not at all places by giving an appropriate number to corner=.... This example is taken from core-rul.tex and each frame is typeset using


  • You can only fill the frame with a background color if the corner shape is closed. Otherwise, the backgroundcolor option will be silently ignored.

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