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The \setupinteraction command configures all interaction in the resulting PDF document. Basic interaction (meaning clickable links for references) is enabled using


This makes all links generated with the \goto command (and indirectly the \in and \at commands) clickable.


Link coloring

By default, the link text gets a green or red color, depending on whether the link is to another page or to the same page. You can change the link colors with the color (links to other pages) and contrastcolor (links to the same page) properties. For example, to disable link coloring alltogether:


Clickable table of contents

To make table of contents items clickable, use the \setupcombinedlist command.


This makes the entire table of contents line clickable. It is possible to select just one part (sectionnumber, pagenumber, text).

If links have a color, this will also make the table of contents get a different text color. You can use the color property to change it back, e.g.:


Alternatively, you can use the textcolor property to change just the text colour, and leave the section and page numbers colored.

Default focus mode

By default, clicking an inter-document hyperlink will switch to "fit page" mode, to override this: