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The callback system from LuaTeX has been disabled. Instead, Context defines actions that must be registered through an offical mechanism. Then they can be toggled on and off at will, as long as it makes sense.


This page is dedicated to collecting all available information on how to achieve in Context when you would resort to callbacks to do the same in plain LuaTeX.

File reading callbacks / open_read_file

The functionality provided by the open_read_file callback can be accessed through a string filter that is hooked into the textfileactions processor (data-tex.lua, cf. luat-fio.lua)

Hans demonstrated the canonical way on the mailing list [1]:


  function document.MyCharacterMess(str,filename)
    if file.nameonly(filename) == "ward" then
      str = table.concat(string.totable(str,"."), " + ")
    return str

  local textfileactions = resolvers.openers.helpers.textfileactions


  \input ward
  \input knuth

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